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Michael Chaconas started his Real Estate career by holding a measuring tape for his father Peter who was an appraiser in 1988. In short time he was able to run the business and acquire not only new lender accounts but also form joint ventures to be the in house appraisal outfit for major builders in Southern California.

With his ability to adapt emerging technologies Michael was hired to work for Michael Dell and Dell Computers in Europe in 1997.

He ran their Enterprise Notebook Sales and Marketing in Northern Europe and helped launch the Northern European Call enter in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Upon returning to the States in 2003 he returned to the family Real Estate Appraisal business and enabled it to survive the 2008 crisis by acquiring the one client possible to do so at that time. Fannie Mae's Property Disposition program needed Michael's skill to set value on abandoned and foreclosed property throughout all of Southern California to sell for the highest amount of possible in the shortest amount of time, in order to repay the American taxpayer.

It was also at that time that Michael started working for a Real Estate investment firm focused on the Memphis, Tennessee market.

Michael was able to help many investors from around the country find a safer place to put their money then to leave it in the stock market at that time.

Today Michael has much of the same enthusiasm and excitement he had when he first started working for Dell Computers and helping buyers of investment properties from around the country. That excitement is because of the company he's working for at Coldwell Banker Global Luxury.

Michael knows the customer experience and thrives on assisting sellers and buyers in San Diego County achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time.